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Listen Longer, a joint venture between the hearX Group and Hearing Coach, has shipped the first international orders of its sealCheck product.

Formed in 2017, Listen Longer’s mission is to provide healthy hearing solutions for life. It develops digital solutions for prevention, detection and intervention in hearing care and offers world-first mobile technology for the protection of hearing and preservation of a person’s ability to communicate. The company is committed to make hearing safe for everyone, to prolong healthy hearing and positively change hearing behaviours to protect hearing health.

According to the World Health Organisation, loud sound is the single biggest cause of preventable hearing loss. One in six adults has a hearing loss that causes difficulties interacting in social situations and one in five adolescents in the United States is already experiencing hearing loss.

The technology Listen Longer develops are used in various markets including commercial and clinical products. The latest product released by the company, sealCheck, is used within the Occupational Health and Safety market and is a complimentary product to the earplug industry.

Earplugs, which can be inserted in the ear canal to protect the user’s ears from loud noises, are a solution only if it forms a seal that ensures that the loud noises reaches the ear through the filter inside the earplug.

sealCheck is an acoustic test to quickly test if an earplug seals within the ear canal. It accurately determines if there are any leakages when the earplug is inserted in the ear canal. It uses a probe with a dual channel nozzle that attaches to custom and reusable earplugs. The probe fits multiple earplug types and connects to a smartphone application to show results to the user on a 3 zone meter.

The test is a qualified function test to prove conformity to earplug manufacturing standards, in other words, sealCheck helps the user to ensure the quality of custom earplugs. The test results are available in seconds and are stored in mHealth Studio Cloud for traceability and reporting. From mHealth Studio Cloud you can manage your reports of tests performed and prove the management of function test results.

sealCheck is now available for purchase from Listen Longer. For more information contact: 087 550 5500 or contact@sealCheck.com.