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What is mHealth Studio?

mHealth Studio App is our mobile interface for patient and facility data capturing and management. Its ecosystem design houses each mHealth solution for ease-of-use.

mHealth Studio Cloud is our web application for online data management, surveillance, referrals and report generation. Secure interoperable data monitoring in real-time.

mHealth Studio App


Key Features

  • Integrated data management – online or offline
  • Automatic data upload functionality
  • mHealth Studio Cloud and App seamless synchronisation allow offline use
  • Calibration management for headphones
  • Central mHealth management platform for supported Apps (e.g. hearScreen, hearTest, PeekVision, hearScope)
  • Secure, health compliant 256bit AES encryption of data

Data Management

  • Manage patient, facility and test operator data integrated across App & Cloud
  • Custom facility profile offerings
  • Upload & view test data
  • Test protocol management for mHealth Apps
  • Surveillance and reporting functionality for health programs

No internet connection required

All your patient, facility, operator and test data can be downloaded from mHealth Studio Cloud through the mHealth Studio App for encrypted local storage.

Add data without internet access - all data automatically syncs with mHealth Studio Cloud when device is connected. Manual sync option available.


Easily manage apps

  • Install new apps
  • Check app versions
  • Easily update to the latest versions

mHealth Studio Cloud

Our EHR web application for online data management, surveillance, referrals and report generation. Secure interoperable data monitoring in real-time.
Easy data management
Detailed reports
Event based SMS & email system
Secure by design
Role-based access control
Public API
Centralised electronic health record (EHR) management
Create and download patient and tester reports
Send custom SMS & emails upon test events.
Data is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption
Manage which team members have access to certain mHealth Studio Cloud functions
Integrate with your existing platforms

Integrate with mHealth Studio

mHealth Studio Cloud offers a public API enabling you to integrate with your existing platforms.

Our API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. We support cross-origin resource sharing, allowing you to interact securely with our API from a client-side web application.