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Exploring the link between hearing loss, dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Our latest article explores the connection between untreated hearing loss and its broader health impacts, particularly its association with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Read more 06/28/2024

Understanding Otoacoustic Emissions Testing

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) testing plays a vital role in assessing cochlear function. Find out how it works and what types of tests can be conducted.

Read more 06/26/2024

hearX Group wins Startup Award for 2023/24 at this year’s SAVCA Awards

hearX is proud to share that we’ve won the Startup Award for 2023/24! The award pays testament to the valuable support from our investors, customers and employees.

Read more 05/22/2024

Product launch: Introducing hearOAE — Our new otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing device

hearOAE is a NextGen smartphone & tablet-based otoacoustic emissions device with TE & DPOAE screening & diagnostic functionality. Discover its unique features in our latest blog article.

Read more 05/22/2024

Changing mindsets: let's make ear and hearing care a reality for all

March 3rd marks the celebration of World Hearing Day - an annual global initiative that spotlights the importance of ear and hearing care while advocating for universal access to quality hearing healthcare. At hearX®, we take great pride in participating in this meaningful commemoration, as we actively strive to democratize affordable hearing healthcare for all individuals.

Read more 03/01/2024

The importance of regular hearing check-ups

In this article, we explore the importance of regular hearing check-ups, the benefits of early hearing loss detection & how our product suite can help you prioritize your hearing health.

Read more 11/28/2023

Join the hearX® affiliate marketing program

hearX® is proud to announce that we’ve joined the affiliate marketing space. In collaboration with ShareASale, users can now become marketing affiliates to some of the hearX® products and reap the benefits.

Read more 11/28/2023

A sound approach to occupational health: The hearTest Occ Health difference

Occupational hearing health plays a crucial role in workplace safety & employee well-being. Find out how our hearTest Occ Health solution can support your hearing conservation program.

Read more 10/31/2023

Boothless testing vs in-booth testing: What makes them different?

Our latest blog article explores the key differences between in-booth and boothless hearing tests along with the benefits you can experience from boothless hearing tests.

Read more 10/17/2023

Managing hearing health data

The use of electronic healthcare records has become increasingly common & audiology data needs to be easy to access & manage. Find out how our cloud-based data management solution can assist.

Read more 10/10/2023

Teleaudiology and how hearX® products are improving audiology for patients and providers

Let’s explore the concept of teleaudiology and how products like the hearX Self Test Kit are revolutionizing audiology for both patients and providers.

Read more 07/17/2023

Tinnitus: don’t let it be the soundtrack to your life

This article covers topics such as the causes and symptoms of tinnitus, the ways in which tinnitus can affect quality of life, and the treatments available for tinnitus management. The article emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help for tinnitus to prevent it from becoming a permanent part of one's life.

Read more 07/17/2023

Your guide to digital hearing med tech and how it can boost the way you provide hearing healthcare

A guide to digital med tech and its potential to enhance audiology delivery. It covers topics such as the benefits of using digital med tech, the different types of digital med tech available, and the ways in which audiology practices can incorporate digital med tech into their services.

Read more 07/05/2023

Hearing testing in the workplace: Enhancing employee health, safety, and productivity

Occupational health service providers play a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of employees in the workplace. By providing regular health screenings and testing, these providers can help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. One area that should not be overlooked is hearing health. Offering hearing screening services as part of their package can benefit both the provider and the employer.

Read more 05/22/2023

Control the noise, before the noise controls you

Noise pollution has become a major concern in our modern-day society. With the increasing use of technology, the noise levels around us have risen to alarming levels. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause irreversible damage to our hearing, leading to hearing loss and other hearing-related problems.

Read more 05/22/2023

Traditional vs digital mobile audiometers - what’s the difference?

Audiometers are the essential instruments used for conducting audiometry tests, and there are two types of audiometers - traditional and digital mobile. In this article, we have a look at the differences between these two types of audiometers and discuss their features.

Read more 05/17/2023

Hear today, hear tomorrow

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages. Early detection of hearing loss through regular hearing screening is crucial for maintaining good hearing health and preventing potential complications.

Read more 05/17/2023

Sound investments: Workplace hearing screening enabled by hearX® technology

In this blog article, we will discuss how hearX® tech can help your workplace implement effective occupational hearing health policies and processes and help solve some of your existing hearing testing challenges.

Read more 04/17/2023

Innovative approaches to hearing loss: Going beyond traditional methods

The study discussed in this article presents a novel approach to hearing assessment by investigating whether conductive hearing loss & sensorineural hearing loss can be differentiated using pure tone audiometry & a Digits-in-Noise test.

Read more 01/15/2023

Occupational hearing test reasons to move away from traditional to digital audiometry

Continuous exposure to excessive noise levels in workers is a major cause of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) globally and can significantly reduce quality of life and economic productivity. Technological advances in medical care have given rise to digital medical devices that improve the productivity and efficiency of conducting hearing conservation programs.

Read more 11/21/2022

Illnesses that affect your ears and hearing

We often assume that hearing loss is associated with the effects of getting older but hearing loss can be caused by many factors besides the aging process. The exact cause of hearing loss is not always known but research many many illnesses and diseases can be contributing factors. Here are some of the most common illnesses associated with hearing loss.

Read more 11/14/2022

hearX Group partners with Best Buy to launch a new experience for Best Buy customers with hearing loss

hearX partnered with Best Buy to provide their customers a digits-in-noise test that assesses the customer’s particular level of hearing loss and advises them on the best hearing device suited to their specific needs. This clinically valid digits-in-noise hearing screening only takes 2 minutes and can be conducted in-store in over 300 Best Buy stores across North America; or from the comfort of the customer’s home if doing the online screening.

Read more 10/07/2022

Consequences of unidentified & untreated hearing loss

Hearing loss results from a problem with sound reaching the brain and can vary from a minimal to complete loss2. There are several degrees and types of hearing loss and this is why it is important to have a hearing test done. This will ensure the correct treatment is received.

Read more 07/08/2022

hearX Group recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Africa, by the Financial Times & Statista

For the past 6 years, British daily newspaper, the Financial Times, with the assistance of German market and consumer data company, Statista, has released an annual report listing the fastest growing companies from countries and continents globally. In 2022, the publication included Africa for the first time, with South Africa having the most representatives on the list, with 24 companies, followed by Nigeria (20) and Kenya (9).

Read more 05/26/2022

The role of the employer in Occupational Noise Exposure

The purpose of noise regulation in the workplace is to ensure that people do not suffer damage to their hearing. This means seeking solutions and alternatives wherever noise poses a risk. Keep up with good practice and the standard for noise control within your industry.

Read more 12/01/2021

Are you ‘working’ towards hearing loss?

In the United States, hearing loss is the third-most common chronic physical condition among adults following hypertension and arthritis. Approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) report trouble hearing. People often tend to associate hearing loss with the ageing process but interestingly enough, a large proportion of people experience hearing loss as a result of excessive noise exposure, based on the work they do.

Read more 10/13/2021

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Misconceptions about hearing loss

Hearing loss is referred to as an ‘invisible epidemic’, because it cannot be seen but its effects are pervasive and far-reaching. As a result it only makes it more difficult to explain the stigma and clear misconceptions regarding this topic.

Read more 08/19/2021

hearTest Occ Health announced as New Product of the Year

Thirty-one companies, including hearX Group, were recently selected as winners in the Occupational Health & Safety Magazine’s 13th annual “New Product of the Year’' contest. It is with great pride that we can announce that our hearTest Occ Health audiometry solution was selected as the overall winner in the hearing protection category.

Read more 08/11/2021

Your Christmas in July gift from hearX®

Since the release of hearTest Occ Health in 2019, hearX® has continuously improved and worked on this solution to make it compliant with the UK HSE and USA OSHA standards. We are confident and excited to announce that this solution is now ready to breathe new life into the occupational hearing space and offer companies a more versatile, cost-effective and mobile solution for their occupational hearing health compliance.

Read more 07/23/2021

Understanding the ear and how it works

Having a confirmed diagnosis of hearing loss can be difficult and accompanied by feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. Getting appropriate information about the ear and hearing loss are important steps towards acceptance and potential treatments. It is also important to consult with a healthcare provider to obtain as much information regarding a diagnosis in order to clear misconceptions and support optimal outcomes.

Read more 06/29/2021

Addressing the COVID-19 in the room

It is imperative that hearing care professionals find ways to ensure accessibility of information as well as ensure services with limited face-to-face examinations and consultations. hearX Group has been a leading developer of accessible hearing solutions to overcome such barriers.

Read more 06/04/2021


Unlock the power of remote hearing care with the hearX Self Test Kit and hearDigits solutions.

Read more 03/26/2021

Free webinar on ‘Hearing Care for All in the Digital Age’ by Prof De Wet Swanepoel

Did you know World Hearing Day is around the corner? hearX® Group and Lexie® Hearing are hosting a free webinar for the public on March 3rd at 10 am EST (5 pm SAST) in celebration of World Hearing Day.

Read more 03/01/2021


We are very excited to share the news that Bose Ventures, who invests in, and collaborates with, start-ups focused on technologies to help people live and feel better; recognized the value that hearX’s suite of smart hearing technologies bring to the world by investing in hearX®, at the end of 2019.

Read more 02/22/2021

Cholesteatoma: Not just bad skin behind the eardrum.

Why does a cholesteatoma cause so much trouble…it’s only a ball of skin! This is a really good question…and YES it does cause significant problems if left untreated. The ultimate problem is that the lining of the middle ear space behind the eardrum should not contain skin.

Read more 02/19/2021

mHealth Studio - What you need to know and how you can benefit

A recent study found that physicians that make use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can see an enhancement of 78% in patient care1. mHealth Studio Cloud enables physicians to view patient records remotely on any mobile device or desktop.

Read more 01/28/2021


On the International Day of People with Disabilities, 03 December 2020, the new Assistive Technology Impact Fund (ATIF) was launched out of the UK Aid-funded AT2030 programme, led by the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub).

Read more 01/26/2021


The hearX team is excited to inform our customers that from 20 November 2020 they will have access to a new interactive product training platform.

Read more 11/22/2020


On 20 November, hearX® Group launched French, Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin-America) translations for the mHealth mobile app and cloud-based data management portal- specifically for hearScreen and hearTest.

Read more 11/19/2020


hearX Group has partnered with Discovery Vitality to offer hearing and vision screening checks as part of the recently launched Vitality 65+ offering.

Read more 09/14/2020

why better hearing can improve one's wellbeing

As a result, we often watch our loved one become isolated, which may eventually lead to depression and cognitive decline. In order to prevent these negative effects, it is important to identify hearing loss as early as possible.

Read more 08/20/2020

HEARX MHEALTH UPDATE RELEASE NOTES: mHealth v6, Customized testing flows and more!

We gather and incorporate your feedback to constantly improve every aspect of our products to ensure the best user experience is offered to you. We believe that continual improvements aren’t nice to have’s and constantly gather and incorporate your feedback to make every aspect of our products better. Ensuring only the best user experience is offered to you.

Read more 08/20/2020

Portable audiometric screening platforms used in low-resource settings: a review

It is estimated that hearing loss affects one in five people in the world. One of the realities of people struggling with hearing loss is that those living in low and middle income countries don’t have access to hearing healthcare. Within the developing world the equipment is expensive and resources, such as trained audiologists and otolaryngologists are scarce, making it nearly impossible to provide affordable care to those that are in need of it.

Read more 08/17/2020

hearScope™ and Android 10 supported devices

With the latest Android 10 release, it has come to our attention that users are experiencing compatibility issues with the hearScope™ app. The reason for this is that with the upgrade to Android 10, smartphones are not supporting UVC devices (external devices required to access the USB of the device) to connect to apps with targetSdkVersion API Levels of 28 and above. This specific Google API level is a requirement for all current apps on the Google Play store. Therefore changing the app available on Google Play Store to support a different API level would not be a solution to the problem.

Read more 01/30/2020

sealCheck™ - your solution to test the seal of various hearing protection devices, no matter what filter they use

Earplugs are only a solution to prevent noise-induced hearing loss if it forms an exact seal inside the ear canal. The tight seal ensures loud noises only reach the ear through the protective filter inside the earplug.

Read more 01/20/2020

hearTest™ Occupational Health audiometry similar to a single-wall soundproof booth

hearTest™ is a world-first smartphone audiometer with international CE and FDA certification, developed by the hearX Group, an ISO medical device certified company. A recent study by Prof De Wet Swanepoel, hearX Group founder, evaluated the sound attenuation of the latest hearTest™ update. The hearTest™ Occupational Health solution, using RadioEar insert earphones covered by 3M Peltor ear defender, was released at the end of 2019.

Read more 01/13/2020

Christmas is here! - Free hearScope™ software update

Ever since its launch in 2017, the hearScope™ video otoscope has been at the forefront of ground-breaking technology, changing the way in which ear examinations are performed.

Read more 12/06/2019


It’s undeniable that there has been a lot of uncertainty within the audiology space lately, with the pending OTC regulations in the USA having ripple effects on practices elsewhere in the world. The dynamics are changing in the South African audiology space, and there is no better time to be proactive than right now.

Read more 11/04/2019

Now you can utilise the hearTest™ Occupational Health, smartphone audiometry solution

hearX Group is at the forefront in providing affordable hearing healthcare solutions to everyone, everywhere. We’re very proud to announce our launch of hearTest™ Occupational Health, a smartphone audiometry solution. The hearTest™ Occupational Health audiometer is an extension of the existing hearTest™ tablet-based audiometer, to make occupational health compliance easy, time-efficient and affordable, whilst revolutionising hearing screening within the occupational health, hearing conservation and industrial audiology space.

Read more 10/11/2019

hearScreen®: smartphone hearing screening solution for schools

Undetected hearing loss in children is one of the major barriers to educational success. Although statistics show that 1/10 children may suffer from significant hearing loss, early identification and intervention provide the best opportunity for effective remediation to reduce the negative effects that hearing loss may have in a child's development.

Read more 10/08/2019

hearX tech featured in 3 new World Health Organization Bulletin articles

A 2-minute smartphone test can identify hearing and vision problems before children even start school according to new research article, “Smartphone technology helps young children with hearing and vision problems”, published in the prestigious Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Read more 10/07/2019

Expanding global market for world-first smartphone audiometry and video-otoscopy

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our global footprint into Australia. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved our smartphone audiometry (hearTest™) and video otoscope (hearScope™) products. The TGA regulates healthcare products that are made available in Australia in order to enforce local standards. The regulations are in place to protect the Australian public from any potential risks that they may face through the use of therapeutic goods. TGA registration is based off of the CE certification, which we received recently.

Read more 09/19/2019


The hearX Group has demonstrated compliance with federal HIPAA, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996, a federal law best known for protecting the privacy of patients. The hearX Group achieved this by completing Compliancy Group's proprietary HIPAA compliance methodology.

Read more 08/15/2019


The hearX Group is pleased to announce that we’ve officially received our CE (Conformité Européenne) certification for hearTest™. This most recent certification joins the mantle next to our other certifications and registrations including FDA (Food and Drug Administration), ISO 13485 (International Standards Organisation), and SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority), for this product. The CE mark is a legal requirement to place a device on the market in the European Union (EU).

Read more 08/06/2019


Shared hearKiosk* is used by hearing healthcare providers to generate offsite referrals to their practices. Shared hearKiosk offers an affordable solution for referral generation, as no hardware costs are incurred. *Available in South Africa only.

Read more 08/06/2019

Action Against Poverty - Mandela Day 2019

On Thursday,18 July, the hearX Group team celebrated Mandela Day at Laerskool Generaal Beyers Primary School in Danville, Pretoria. As part of our 67 minutes of making a social impact, we had the privilege to screen the hearing of 183 Grade 1 learners using our hearScreen solution. We were able to identify six children with potential hearing loss, and were happy to provide them with the opportunity to get professional help from local audiologists.

Read more 08/05/2019


Ever since its launch in 2017, hearDigits has been a fundamental digital tool for hearing healthcare providers to increase their referral rates. This month, the hearX Group is launching hearDigits 2.0 with improved customisation features, maximising our clients’ online opportunities to get more feet to their practice.

Read more 06/13/2019

hearScope ASME ISHOW Top 8 Finalist

From 8 - 9 May, two of our team members represented the hearX Group at this year’s ASME ISHOW KENYA. Our hearScope solution was selected as one of eight finalists from more than 160 applications. ISHOW is a competition for hardware led social innovation that is hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) on an annual basis in three locations across the globe. This year, the finalists had the opportunity to visit Gearbox, an initiative that aims at improving the ecosystem for hardware entrepreneurship in Kenya, and were inspired by expert insights from thought leaders in the field.

Read more 05/16/2019

sealCheck: In-ear verification of earplugs

The effective use of an earplug is largely dependent on how it is fitted into the ear canal. Improper fit of earplugs may cause an acoustic leak that is not readily visible and can significantly reduce hearing protection levels of individuals.

Read more 04/04/2019

World Hearing Day with Tembisa

On Friday, 01 March, the hearX Group team had the privilege to visit the Motsu Park Community Hall in Tembisa for World Hearing Day, as part of an initiative by the World Health Organization. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss.

Read more 03/08/2019

World Hearing Day 2019: ‘Check Your Hearing’ for free with the hearZA app

Sunday, 3 March marks World Hearing Day 2019 in partnership with the World Health Organisation. 'Check Your Hearing' is this year’s theme with the purpose of drawing attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss.

Read more 02/01/2019

hearScreen USA revolutionizes access to hearing healthcare in the U.S.

hearScreen USA, the U.S. National Hearing Screening app, is revolutionizing the way in which people are thinking about their hearing health. The app leverages the extensive usage of smartphone technology (estimated by Statista to be over 230 million users in 2018), enabling app users to self-detect hearing loss, connect with audiologists nearby, and also set up in-app appointments.

Read more 01/17/2019


hearZA® - National Hearing Test of South Africa

Read more 12/19/2018


The Google Impact Challenge South Africa supports non-profits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities

Read more 11/13/2018


The revolutionary new dbTrack product by the hearX Group was awarded with the ITU Telecom World SMME Award at the ITU Telecom World 2018 event. This prestigious recognition was presented by ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao and industry leaders from across the globe.

Read more 10/18/2018

hearScreen USA – Launched as U.S. National Hearing Screening App

Welcome to the future of hearing healthcare and your 1st step to better hearing. hearX Group in collaboration with the American Academy of Audiology have successfully launched the first-ever intensive hearing screening smartphone app in the United States, on October 10, 2018 at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

Read more 10/17/2018

Launch of First U.S. Mobile Comprehensive Hearing Screening App October 10, 2018

At the American Academy of Audiology’s Annual Conference 2018 in April, the Academy announced it’s collaboration with the hearX Group on the launch of hearScreen USA™—the first mobile comprehensive hearing screening application in the U.S. By using the free app (available on iOS and Android), the public will be able to test their hearing and unlike any other app, it will also link to the closest audiologist, if a hearing problem is detected using geolocation.

Read more 09/19/2018

hearScope: MIT Solve Finalist

Solve is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that advances lasting solutions from tech entrepreneurs to address the world's most pressing problems.

Read more 09/14/2018

sealCheck: Smartphone acoustic seal test

According to the World Health Organisation, noise exposure is the single biggest cause of preventable hearing loss (Sminkey, 2015). Did you know that an improper fit of earplugs may cause an acoustic leak that is not readily visible and can significantly reduce protection levels? Earplugs are a solution only if it forms a seal that ensures that the loud noises only reach the ear through the filter inside the earplug that serves to protect against harmful noise.

Read more 08/15/2018

Nelson Mandela Day screening children for hearing problems

On Wednesday the 18th of June, the hearX Group team had the privilege to visit Laerskool Generaal Beyers for Nelson Mandela Day. We celebrated this very special day by screening the hearing of over 100 school children using our hearScreen technology.

Read more 08/15/2018

App-based hearing screenings for 10’000 children in need

The project #HearSouthAfrica uses modern cost-efficient technology to screen children in need for hearing loss in low-income regions.

Read more 07/16/2018

Milestone ISO 13485 Certification for hearX group

After two years of hard work in making sure our hearing health technology complies with international standards, hearX Group is proud to announce that we are now ISO 13485 certified.

Read more 06/22/2018

hearKiosk: the all in one, easy-to-use, self-test kiosk to screen for hearing loss and a must have for any healthcare provider

This hearing screening self-test provides an individual concerned with his/her hearing easy onscreen instructions, practice, screening and accurately identifies hearing loss within under 3 minutes. This hearing screening kiosk is designed to ensure an engaging consumer self-test experience with its simple, user-friendly design for self-screening.

Read more 06/18/2018


A lifetime of music. That’s what we want everyone to enjoy.

Read more 05/08/2018

hearX Group releases 2017/18 Annual Impact Report

The hearX Group was established in 2015 with our core passion and vision being ‘healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere’.

Read more 05/07/2018

hearDigits - hearX Groups hearing health self screening test

Hearing loss is the silent epidemic, an invisible, and therefore often underestimated, disabling condition impacting both children and adults negatively.

Read more 05/06/2018

hearTest - Innovative smartphone audiometer, a new era for audiometry

Audiometry is the science of evaluating a person’s hearing status by measuring the person’s hearing range and hearing sensitivity, using an audiometer. Pure-tone audiometry is one of the methods used to determine the person’s hearing thresholds at different frequencies.

Read more 05/03/2018

International order for Listen Longer’s sealCheck product

Listen Longer, a joint venture between the hearX Group and Hearing Coach, has shipped the first international orders of its sealCheck product.

Read more 04/06/2018

South African startup to launch US National Screening App

The American Academy of Audiology is launching a hearing screening app this summer. The mobile application, hearScreen USA , available on most smart phones, will be revealed and showcased at the Academy’s upcoming annual conference April 18-21 in Nashville, Tennessee. It has been created in collaboration with the hearX Group and is the first U.S. mobile comprehensive hearing screening application in the U.S. By using the free app (available in iOS and Android), the public will be able to test their hearing through screening and receive an accurate detection of hearing loss. In addition, the app offers personalized hearing tracking, and (unlike any other app,) it has an in-app patient-centered Ida Institute decision support tool, namely ‘Why Improve My Hearing?’. It will also link to the closest audiologist, if a hearing problem is detected.

Read more 04/05/2018

Global report recommends hearTest App for hearing assessment in TB patients

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major contributor to the global burden of disease. Treatment of drug-resistant TB also contributes to permanent hearing loss globally. A recent report by KNCV, Challenge TB and USAID, in consultation with the WHO, released a report entitled, Audiometry in the Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. This influential global report recommends the hearX Group’s smartphone-based audiometer called hearTest for ototoxicity monitoring of TB patients. This innovative mobile hearing health application for hearing tests, is listed in the report as one of only four audiometers that test beyond 8000 Hz and the only one available on a smartphone.

Read more 02/21/2018

South Africans ‘Hear the Future’ with the hearZA® App this World Hearing Day

South Africans ‘Hear the Future’ with the hearZA® App this World Hearing Day

Read more 02/12/2018

hearX Group recognised with several prestigious awards in 2017

2017 was a great year for the hearX Group, with several major awards recognising our products and innovation.

Read more 02/12/2018

‘3E’ project team exceed expectations!

Hear the World project team exceeds goals.

Read more 01/29/2018

hearX launches updated version of hearDigits

The latest version of hearDigits has been launched by hearX Group and is now available to health professionals.

Read more 11/21/2017

HearX Group announced as finalist in TT100 Awards Programme

HearX Group has been selected as a finalist in this year’s TT100 Awards Programme run by The Da Vinci Institute, one of South Africa’s premier awards programmes.

Read more 11/07/2017

hearX announced as finalist in Accenture Innovation Index Awards

hearX Group is one of three finalists in the Accenture Innovation Index Awards for our hearScreen™ concept, and a finalist in the Master Innovator category for companies with a turnover of less than R35m per annum.

Read more 09/24/2017

hearX Group launches Tirelo Bosha project

hearX Group, in partnership with UP Enterprises and CoT, has launched the Tirelo Bosha project with a target of screening 70,000 adults and children in Tshwane over the next 18 months. The project will be concluded by November 2018 using our hearScreen, hearTest and hearScope mobile health applications.

Read more 09/05/2017

Free hearing tests for Deaf Awareness Month

In acknowledgement of global Deaf Awareness Month in September, hearX will be working with several media partners to promote ear health using our hearDigits self-screening test. The hearDigits widget will be given to them free of charge for the month of September to embed on their websites so that listeners and readers can screen themselves during Deaf Awareness Month.

Read more 08/30/2017

UNESCO-Pearson selects hearScreen™ as a case study

hearScreen™ has been selected as a UNESCO-Pearson case study to promote innovative digital solutions serving low-skilled or low-literate youth and adults to help them participate more effectively in a digital economy and knowledge society.

Read more 08/17/2017

Crowdfunding campaign exceeds expectations

hearX’s crowdfunding campaign for hearScope which was launched on IndieGoGo on 1 August, has exceeded 100% of our goal funds of $15 000 in just 96 hours!

Read more 08/10/2017

hearDigits launched to hearing health professionals

The launch of hearX Group’s newest product, hearDigits , earlier this month will give people who are concerned about their hearing a simple and affordable way to get tested.

Read more 08/09/2017

hearX launches world-first smartphone otoscope

A world-first smartphone otoscope, hearScope, will be launched on IndieGoGo on 1 August!

This is very exciting news for the hearX team as we continue to broaden our product ‘scope’ in the quest to provide healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere, with our clinically validated smartphone hearing test solutions.

Read more 07/17/2017

hearScreen™ selected as Accelerate2030 finalist

We are very proud to have been selected as one of three finalists from South Africa by Accelerate2030 for our flagship product, hearScreen™.

We will now compete against 49 other projects from around the world for the opportunity to be chosen as one of the 10 projects to participate in the Accelerate2030 programme starting in October.

Read more 07/11/2017