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The hearX Group was established in 2015 with our core passion and vision being ‘healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere’.

We have been dedicated to this ‘calling’ and strive to achieve it by creating affordable access to hearing health using connected solutions that anyone can use, anywhere. Our initial focus was to develop, pilot, validate and establish our core hearing health solutions.

During the past year (March 2017 – February 2018) we focused on embedding these solutions into innovative service delivery models and scaling it to underserved communities in South Africa.

Although the contextual challenges remain real, the satisfaction and joy of creatively overcoming these are priceless.

The growth and impact we have achieved over the past year would not have been possible without the dedication of our board; our ‘Xtraordinary’ team; our committed partners and of course – our funders, who helped us to bring our projects to life! We are grateful indeed.

We are incredibly excited about the year ahead – we are shifting gears and preparing to grow our reach and impact beyond our borders, always remaining true to our values: quality innovation, people-first and trust.

Access our Annual Impact Report < here >