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Audiometry is the science of evaluating a person’s hearing status by measuring the person’s hearing range and hearing sensitivity, using an audiometer. Pure-tone audiometry is one of the methods used to determine the person’s hearing thresholds at different frequencies.

Multi-award winning, hearX Group’s pride lies in their hearing health and audiometry solutions. At the core of the business lies innovation which is ingrained into all of our products.

hearTest is a world-first, evidence based, clinically validated smartphone audiometry solution. hearTest can be seen as an alternative to a traditional audiometer since it’s a mobile pure tone audiometry hearing health application that tests a person’s hearing using a smartphone coupled with a calibrated audiometric headphone. Simply put, hearTest has similar features and functions to that of a traditional audiometer, but runs on a smartphone application. This smartphone-based audiometer, specifically designed for pure tone audiometry, can measure pure tone test frequencies from 125 Hz to 16 000 Hz.

This mobile hearing diagnostic health application goes the extra mile in offering reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient pure tone audiometry on a smartphone, with an integrated cloud-based management platform.

In contrast to traditional audiometers, this smartphone hearing testing technology, offers the following key features:

  1. The fact that hearTest is a smartphone-based application makes it more user friendly and more tech advanced than most traditional audiometers.
  2. The hearing healthcare App monitors real-time noise, a feature that traditional audiometers don’t have.
  3. It includes a conditioning functionality to facilitate the hearing testing process.
  4. hearTest has smart features to ensure on-site quality control and operator reliability.
  5. hearTest adheres to best practice pure tone audiometry protocols.
  6. This hearing testing technology shows follow-up screening results with an audiogram to determine the degree, configuration and symmetry of the person’s hearing loss.
  7. In addition the hearTest audiometer also has the ability to link the person taking the hearing test to his/her nearest audiologist, based on their geolocation, for further professional examination - something that traditional audiometers aren’t able to do.

This revolutionary technology is the future of hearing healthcare, audiometers and pure tone audiometry. hearTest gives way to the opportunity of making a difference in the life’s of people that have a hearing problem and to those who do not have access to hearing health care by providing affordable and mobile access to audiometry.