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The launch of hearX Group’s newest product, hearDigits , earlier this month will give people who are concerned about their hearing a simple and affordable way to get tested.

hearDigits is a widget that can be embedded in a hearing health provider’s website so that people can screen themselves for hearing loss. It consists of a simple, 3 -minute digits-in-noise hearing test which is done using a web browser and any pair of headphones, on a laptop or mobile device.

The clinically-validated test classifies the outcome as normal hearing or as a possible hearing problem and sends the results directly to the health professional through hearX’s secure mHealth Studio Cloud platform, our mobile interface for patient and facility data capturing and management.

For the health professional or their professional societies, adding the hearDigits widget to their web page is a simple process. It works in a variety of sizes and layouts and the colour and font can be customised. Each hearDigits package gives you access to mHealth Studio.

Best of all, the hearing test is free to the person taking it and the app is available to health care providers at a minimal cost of $14 for the Basic app with no customisation, or $24 for the Premium app with customisation. The product was launched with the Ida Institute, the Hearing Research Clinic and five audiology partners and we are looking forward to signing up many more hearing health professionals.

For more information about hearDigits or to sign up, visit hearXgroup.com or contact us at info@hearxgroup.com.