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Hearing loss is the silent epidemic, an invisible, and therefore often underestimated, disabling condition impacting both children and adults negatively.

hearDigits is the technology that enables a hearing health provider or any individual interested in a website hearing test to embed a widget in their website. This allows any person to screen themselves for hearing loss for free, and discover their hearing status in under 3 minutes.

This web hearing test entails a process that allows a person concerned about their hearing to take a simple, easy and affordable hearing screening test using a web browser and any pair of headphones, on a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device or smartphone. Once the individual is logged into the hearDigits widget on their browser, they will have to follow the guidelines shown in order to get their accurate hearing status. At each step the hearDigits web hearing test will play 3 digits within background noise (digits-in-noise), the person will then have to enter the 3 numbers they hear, or guess if uncertain, and select the next button. This clinically validated digits-in-noise hearing test will then provide the person with their result classifying the outcome as “normal hearing” or as a “possible hearing problem”. The results of the digits-in-noise hearing test are sent directly to the hearing health professional through hearX’s secure mHealth Studio Cloud platform, for storage of patient information.

Benefits of this web hearing test include the following:

  • hearDigits increase access to hearing healthcare by providing more people the opportunity to screen their hearing for earlier intervention.
  • It is a lead generator as a health professional will be able to generate qualified leads from their own website.
  • hearDigits pre-screens for potential hearing loss, and accurately identifies hearing loss.
  • The web browser hearing test is simple and easy to use and shows results within only 3 minutes.
  • A health professional is able to view the patient’s hearDigits test results online in order to prepare for a consultation.
  • For the hearing health professional adding the hearDigits widget to their web browser is an effortless process and can be customised to their preference in terms of themes, features, font, colour, text and languages:
    • Themes: Determine whether the hearDigits logo should appear on the hearing digits widget and toggle between a light and a dark version of the hearing digits widget.
    • Features: Select whether additional tools such as the IDA tool and/or referrals should be available from the hearing digits widget.
    • Font: Select between six different font types available for the hearDigits widget.
    • Colour: Customise the hearing digits widget in terms of colour according to the practice’s look and feel. 
    • Text: Edit and change the text presented on several windows of the hearing digits widget.
    • Languages: Choose between “All languages” and “South African languages” to be presented on the hearing digits widget.

You can screen yourself now for hearing loss on our hearDigits website. Click here to take the 3 minute test.