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Free webinar on ‘Hearing Care for All in the Digital Age’ by Prof De Wet Swanepoel

Did you know World Hearing Day is around the corner?

hearX® Group and Lexie® Hearing are hosting a free webinar for the public on March 3rd at 10 am EST (5 pm SAST) in celebration of World Hearing Day. Founder and Audiological Advisor, Prof De Wet Swanepoel will discuss hearing care for all in the digital age and will also unpack the first ever World Report on Hearing. Register here.

What is World Hearing Day?

World Hearing Day is the largest awareness campaign, hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), that aims to raise awareness of hearing loss and other hearing related issues. It takes place annually, on March 3rd, where hearing loss advocates around the world host and join a variety of events in support of the WHO’s objectives. This year we celebrate “Hearing Care for All” to promote ear and hearing care in all communities, across the world.

The WHO anticipates over 500 events to take place across the world this year. The majority of these events will be shared through social media with a 24-hour ‘hear-a-thon’ to connect all hearing loss advocates everywhere. Be sure to follow #HearAthon2021 and #WorldHearingDay on all social media channels to be part of the conversation.

Who may join the free webinar with Prof Swanepoel?

This free webinar is open to the public and is the perfect opportunity for people who believe in raising awareness of hearing loss and who want to further educate themselves and people around them. Prof Swanepoel aims to be impactful in the way that people view ear and hearing health and highlight how accessible healthy hearing is through digital channels. He will also share insights from the World Report on Hearing.

Feel free to share the webinar registration link with the people in your network, it will be a valuable discussion.

What is the World Report on Hearing?

2021 Marks the exciting launch of the WHO’s first-ever World Report on Hearing with the aim to convey the detrimental impact that unaddressed hearing loss has on society. The report will provide evidence-based guidance for national health policies to drive the activation of ear and hearing care as part of health coverage.

In addition to valuable information on hearing loss, the report also calls for the


Lastly, the report will provide new information on hearing loss data estimates and projections until 2050; the availability of human resources for ear and hearing care; data on current use of and access to hearing aids, to mention a few.

How can I be part of World Hearing Day?

It’s reported that over 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss, affecting more than 455 million people. This shocking statistic underpins the WHO’s mission to raise awareness through the screening, rehabilitation, and communication of hearing loss. The best way to support the WHO in its efforts is to share the information provided by hearing experts and to encourage loved-ones to prioritise ear and hearing care.

Join us on March 3rd and be part of a discussion that will change the perception of hearing care during the digital age.


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