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According to the World Health Organisation, noise exposure is the single biggest cause of preventable hearing loss (Sminkey, 2015). Did you know that an improper fit of earplugs may cause an acoustic leak that is not readily visible and can significantly reduce protection levels? Earplugs are a solution only if it forms a seal that ensures that the loud noises only reach the ear through the filter inside the earplug that serves to protect against harmful noise.

Listen Longer would like to introduce sealCheck - a smartphone acoustic leakage tester (ALT) that provides a reliable and quick method to verify the seal of custom and reusable earplugs, commonly used within the Occupational Health and Safety market and a complimentary product to the earplug industry.

sealCheck is a smartphone acoustic seal test that quickly and accurately detects an earplug seal in the ear canal and verifies the seal of custom and reusable ear plugs, within seconds.

Features of this acoustic leakage tester (ALT):

This acoustic test is a qualified function test to prove conformity to the European Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and other international earplug manufacturing standards. In other words, sealCheck helps the user to ensure the quality of custom or reusable earplugs. sealCheck has a three colour gauge to quickly and accurately display the level of seal with a percentage indicator. The sealCheck probe has a dual channel nozzle for attaching to various custom and reusable earplugs with the various adapters included with the product.

The benefits of using this smartphone acoustic seal test:

  • sealCheck gives you an accurate in-ear seal check for custom and reusable earplugs.
  • The sealCheck probe fits multiple earplug types and connects to a smartphone application to show a pass or fail result of the acoustic seal test.
  • sealCheck has a compact design with an easy-to-use smartphone interface.
  • For more information about sealCheck, please visit our website at: http://www.sealcheck.com/