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The current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing has severely affected hearing healthcare clinics and centres globally and has made it increasingly difficult for professionals to provide their patients with treatment and support. This is where hearX has clinics and centres covered, with remote mobile audiology solutions for safe at-distance hearing testing. The hearX Self Test Kit and hearDigits solutions aim to equip hearing healthcare professionals, to deliver touchless audiometry and ensure a continuous income stream.

The hearX Self Test Kit is a tablet-based hearing test solution for diagnostic assessments outside a sound booth and allows for self-testing counter-side, curb-side or at home with telehealth support. This solution even allows treatment recommendations, including the fitting of hearing aids that can be provided in low or no-touch alternative models of care.



In addition to the hearX Self Test Kit, hearDigits offers a lead generation solution complementing the remote hearing offering. hearDigits is a customisable hearing screening widget embedded on a professional’s website. Using breakthrough, clinically valid speech-in-noise technology, the 2 minute test generates qualified referrals for hearing aid purchases from the clinic/centre’s website.


The disruptions caused by COVID-19 continues to be a challenge, but it can also provide unexpected opportunities to boost one’s clinic/centre. Hearing healthcare professionals can now embrace technology to drive a better sales process with prospects and customers and future-proof their clinic/centre during these times.

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