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We gather and incorporate your feedback to constantly improve every aspect of our products to ensure the best user experience is offered to you. We believe that continual improvements aren’t nice to have’s and constantly gather and incorporate your feedback to make every aspect of our products better. Ensuring only the best user experience is offered to you.

What’s new?

  1. Customized testing flows with an ‘active screen’ setting allowing you to disable patient or facility capturing if a quick anonymised screening is what you need.
  2. Add otoscopy images to each hearing test from the result screen by selecting the ‘+’ icon. This allows a complete record for patients with real in-ear images that are included in individualised reports.
  3. On-screen capturing of patient signature for record-keeping for those interested in detailed recordkeeping of services offered to patients. The addition of different threshold seeking test methods that uses age and gender to predict better starting intensities to make testing even quicker.
  4. User interface refresh of practice function, noise monitoring and a whole lot of other items to keep things looking simple, clean and easy to understand.

Below is an update of the most important items included in the release of the software, per product, for easy reference:


  • Threshold seeking test methods that uses age and gender to predict better starting intensities includes:
    • Test Optimisation v1 (fast)
    • Test Optimisation v2 (fastest)
  • Improved hearTest Occupational Health product to support RSA, AUS and NZ regulatory requirements and territory specific calculations for hearing threshold shifts.
  • Simplified test reliability and noise concern screen combined into a single view to display all quality metrics that should be flagged.
  • Daily subjective test protocol, Daily Check to perform daily listening checks to validate the audiometer and quality of pure tones presented.
  • PLUS menu on result screen to provide quick access to add a signature, otoscopy images, view test information and more.


  • Incomplete tests saved to mHealth Studio Cloud OR if a patient could not be evaluated, the test can be stopped from PAUSE menu and saved as incomplete outcome.


  • Setup tutorial to guide users through setting up of devices.
  • Notice to restart the device after 7 days and force a restart after 14 days to ensure devices are working optimally.
  • Tester profile added to set up and save a tester signature and professional registration number that is added to all individual test reports on mHealth Studio Cloud.
  • Otoscopy images can be set in mHealth settings as a requirement for saving a test result, forcing testers to add images for each test.
  • Additional headphone support for RadioEar Insert option specific for hearTest Occupational Health.

One of our sales consultants will be in contact to further assist you with the updating process.

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