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This hearing screening self-test provides an individual concerned with his/her hearing easy onscreen instructions, practice, screening and accurately identifies hearing loss within under 3 minutes. This hearing screening kiosk is designed to ensure an engaging consumer self-test experience with its simple, user-friendly design for self-screening.

hearKiosk : the all in one, easy-to-use, self-test kiosk to screen for hearing loss. A must have for any healthcare provider.

This hearing screening self-test provides easy onscreen instructions, practice, and accurately identifies hearing loss within under 3 minutes. This screening kiosk ensures an engaging consumer self-test experience with its simple, user-friendly design.

hearKiosk generates referrals to your practice through placement of the kiosk in other complementary offsite locations such as pharmacies, GP practices, hospitals, workplaces and clinics. Once a person fails a hearKiosk hearing screening they will have the option to be referred to an audiologist. Once the person selects this option and agrees to submit their details, the audiologist will receive the person’s referral with the necessary contact details.

hearKiosk users have the option to choose between two versions; 1) digits-in-noise and 2) pure tone audiometry.

  1. hearKiosk digits-in-noise is a hearing screening health application for a time-efficient, low-cost hearing self-test. This hearKiosk entails a simple speech-in-noise hearing screening, available in English, assessing an individual’s ability to perceive noise within sound. By playing 3 digits within background noise and asking the individual to enter what digit he/she hears, this clinically validated self-screening can provide the individual with a “pass” or “refer” outcome, within 3 minutes.

  2. hearKiosk pure tone audiometry entails a rapid screening with customisable protocols (0.5 – 8 kHz), using calibrated circumaural headphones, providing the individual taking the hearKiosk self-test with a pass or fail result and an optional categorisation of fail severity.

Benefits of hearKiosk include the following:

  • hearKiosk generates pre-qualified leads. Test referrals generated by the hearKiosk is captured and stored on a cloud-based Leads portal.
  • Leads offers secure access to referrals generated from screenings via the hearKiosk .
  • This hearing screening self-test accurately detects the potential of hearing problems.
  • hearKiosk offers a single platform to manage all patient data.
  • This hearing health application offers a pre-consultation analysis of patient screening results.
  • It provides opportunity for affordable marketing reach and increased brand awareness.
  • hearKiosk has minimal operating cost.

Users may choose from three hearKiosk sizes, each with a different design concept.

  • hearKiosk option 1: The desk-standing hearKiosk - This compact 7.5 kg kiosk is the smallest hearKiosk , available with a custom-designed face-plate and requires a desk/table to stand on.
  • hearKiosk option 2: The floor-standing, fully branded hearKiosk - This hearKiosk is a fully self-supported metal structure, standing ± 2 meters tall, available with a full design skin overlaid onto the metal structure.
  • hearKiosk option 3: The floor-standing, quarter branded hearKiosk - This hearKiosk is only customised over part of the hearKiosk structure.

Please visit www.hearXgroup.com/hearkiosk/ for more information.