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In acknowledgement of global Deaf Awareness Month in September, hearX will be working with several media partners to promote ear health using our hearDigits self-screening test. The hearDigits widget will be given to them free of charge for the month of September to embed on their websites so that listeners and readers can screen themselves during Deaf Awareness Month.

hearDigits is an easy 3 minute digits-in-noise hearing test which anyone can take using a web browser on a desktop computer or smartphone and any pair of headphones. The clinically-validated test classifies the outcome as normal hearing or as a possible hearing problem. The results of the test are sent to mHealth Studio Cloud for safe storage of patient information and, if necessary, a referral directly to a hearing health provider.

Hearing loss is the silent epidemic, an invisible, and therefore often underestimated, disabling condition. It has pervasive and far reaching effects on development in children including speech, language, cognition and socio­emotional well­being and is one of the major barriers to educational success.

In adults, its effects include social isolation, increased depression and cognitive decline with a threefold increased risk of developing dementia. It also results in higher unemployment rates, lower earning capacity, poor overall health, fatigue, and increased health care costs and mortality rates.

You can screen yourself now for hearing loss on our website. Click here to take the 3 minute test: https://hearxgroup.com/heardigits/