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hearX’s crowdfunding campaign for hearScope which was launched on IndieGoGo on 1 August, has exceeded 100% of our goal funds of $15 000 in just 96 hours!

This overwhelming global response to our smartphone otoscope, another world-first from hearX Group, highlights the demand for products which provide easy and affordable access to hearing healthcare.

Our goal is to provide healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere, with our clinically validated smartphone hearing test solutions. To date we have been able to test more than 70 000 people who would not normally have been able to access this kind of service, with our cost-effective, user-friendly smartphone technologies.

hearScope enables healthcare providers to get an accurate diagnosis for middle ear infections using a high-quality variable magnification otoscope “pen” which connects to a smartphone running the hearScope application. The result is a clear picture of the eardrum which can be used to accurately diagnose the problem. The images are as good as the sophisticated microscopes that ENT specialists use, making hearScope the ultimate diagnostic companion for healthcare providers.

It is simple and affordable enough for a parent to use on their own smartphone and the IndieGoGo campaign will assist us to make it available around the world. It is also an opportunity for organisations and individuals to donate hearScopes to those who need it most.

The IndieGoGo campaign will run until the end of August. Be part of the exciting journey of creating access to ear and hearing healthcare by supporting this initiative. Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hearscope-next-generation-smartphone-otoscope to make your purchase.