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Join the hearX<sup>®</sup> affiliate marketing program
Join the hearX® affiliate marketing program

hearX® is proud to announce that we’ve joined the affiliate marketing space. In collaboration with ShareASale, users can now become marketing affiliates to some of the hearX® products and reap the benefits.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that has built its business by creating trailblazing technologies, fostering relationships and guiding clients on their journey to success. The platform offers merchants and affiliates a global community of people, a user-friendly platform and smart data.

On our account you can find two of our most influential products; hearTest and hearTest Occ Health. These products, although different in use and design, both offer clinically-validated tests at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional hearing testing tools. These game-changers are set to redefine the way you think about hearing health, and we have no doubt they’ll go a long way to elevate lives and leave a lasting impact.

hearTest Occ Health enables users to create a safer work environment while complying to OSHA regulations and requirements. This boothless mobile audiometer screens employees for hearing loss, identifies the standard threshold shifts, and recognizes the risk of work-related noise-induced hearing loss.

hearTest is a certified (IEC 60645-1) mobile pure tone audiometer. An innovative health application for clinically valid, time-efficient, pure tone audiometry. Our patented technology, developed and validated by the University of Pretoria, offers a more complete solution for detection of hearing problems, referrals and seamless reporting for patients.

This is a great opportunity to turn your network into a passive income stream. Our groundbreaking hearTest and hearTest Occ Health solutions are not only changing lives – they’re also offering you the chance to earn with every referral through our lucrative affiliate marketing program. By participating in our affiliate program, you will play a significant role in spreading awareness about the importance of hearing health and receive a generous commission for every lead you refer.

Joining is easy! Simply sign up for our affiliate program on our website. Once approved, you’ll gain access to your unique referral link. Utilize your creativity and marketing skills to promote our hearTest and hearTest Occ Health solutions. As your referrals turn into satisfied customers, you’ll earn a substantial commission for each successful lead.

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