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hearX Group wins Startup Award for 2023/24 at this year’s SAVCA Awards
hearX Group wins Startup Award for 2023/24 at this year’s SAVCA Awards

The Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SAVCA) in partnership with Investec, hosted the annual SAVCA Awards ceremony on May 9th in Sandton, Johannesburg. In attendance were the top Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment firms, as well as several nominated small, medium and large enterprises, each with a remarkable journey of growth and contribution toward the South African economy. Every year, the awards recognize portfolio companies that have thrived from private equity and venture capital investment in South Africa and provide impactful value in the following categories: mentorship, market access, business development and guidance around corporate governance.

SAVCA is a non-profit industry association that represents over 200 members in South Africa who collectively have over R213 billion in assets under management. Their mission is to stimulate industry through investment, driving economic growth and shareholder value creation, and to provide a supportive regulatory and tax environment, ensure sustainable transformation within the investment industry, and provide guidelines and standards for professional and ethical conduct.

hearX is proud to have won the Startup Award for 2023/24. We would like to thank one of our Series A investors, HAVAÍC, for the nomination. The award is a testament to the continued support from our valued investors, customers and our incredible team of dedicated staff.

Thanks to your continued investment in our brand, hearX is able to reach and change lives around the world and make our mission of affordable access to hearing health a reality for everyone - one hearing assessment and OTC device at a time.

There are so many great companies across the world, with ideas that “matter”, which would never have made it to market without investment from angel investors, venture capital funds, or private equity firms - including hearX. Our investors have funded our vision, and today we have a meaningful impact with over 2.7 million tests, 460,000 clinical patients and over 240,000 hearing aids sold. We help people hear the lives they love - and our investors made that happen
- Seline van der Wat, Chief Operating Officer

If I think about some of the ideas that our team is busy working on and how much the market appetite for these types of solutions is - it makes me so proud. Firstly, because I realize how far we’ve come since our inception in 2016, and secondly, because I know how talented and dedicated our team is. With the support of our investors, customers and staff, nothing can hold hearX back from completely democratizing hearing care and breaking every boundary known in the hearing care industry.
- Nic Klopper, CEO

A momentous occasion for the hearX team, as we are announced the StartUp Award winner for 2023/24.

A dynamic duo: Our CEO, Nic Klopper and COO, Seline van der Wat, attended the awards ceremony as our representatives.

We are eager to take on the rest of the year and continue to break new ground in hearing healthcare.. With the trusted guidance of our Leadership Team and continued dedication from every hearX staff member, we can confidently say “Watch this space! There are many more industry-changing innovations to come.”

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