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hearX Group recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Africa, by the Financial Times & Statista
hearX Group recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Africa, by the Financial Times & Statista

For the past 6 years, British daily newspaper, the Financial Times, with the assistance of German market and consumer data company, Statista, has released an annual report listing the fastest growing companies from countries and continents globally. In 2022, the publication included Africa for the first time, with South Africa having the most representatives on the list, with 24 companies, followed by Nigeria (20) and Kenya (9).

Statista provided the necessary data to compile the Special Report of 75 companies in Africa, which included hearX Group. With growth often used as the most telling metric of business health, this Special Report looks at why growth is valued so highly and identifies the pitfalls that tend to be overlooked. It also includes: 1) data on African companies that have demonstrated fast growth despite the challenging business conditions of the past two years; 2) a company profile, exploring the reasons for a businesses’ success and its future prospects; 3) an examination of one of the sectors that features prominently in the ranking; 4) growth hotspots within the countries and 5) companies that showed resilience amid the COVID crisis and managed to survive and thrive in the pandemic. Companies in this report were identified through extensive research, investigation and entry submission and ranked according to the highest compound annual growth (CAGR) in revenues from 2017 to 2020.

“For hearX® to be identified as one of Africa’s fastest growing companies, is a real indicator of how adequately hearing loss has been addressed to date. Our world-first solutions are not only positively impacting hearing health locally but also globally. It shows how technology can be leveraged to address some of the world’s largest unaddressed health issues. We’re grateful for this recognition and award and will be sure to use it as motivation to further democratise access to hearing health services.” - Nic Klopper, hearX Group CEO.

We are honoured to be featured in this report, alongside many influential and inspiring companies. This is a testament of the hard work and innovation of all hearX® investors, directors and employees who will continue to provide groundbreaking solutions to ensure healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere.

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