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Product launch: Introducing hearOAE  — Our new otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing device
Product launch: Introducing hearOAE — Our new otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing device

While attending the 2024 AAA+hearTECH Expo in Georgia, the hearX team officially announced the launch of hearOAE — the latest addition to our range of hearing screening and diagnostic solutions. hearOAE is a NextGen otoacoustic emissions testing (OAE) device for smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth® functionality. This year’s AAA+hearTECH Expo provided the ideal platform to unveil the latest in our hearing tech advancements. As an FDA-cleared medical device, hearOAE features fully-customizable Transient Evoked (TEOAE) and Distortion Product (DPOAE) OAE screening and diagnostic capabilities. We believe that hearOAE’s ease of use and integrated data management capability will make high-quality, affordable hearing testing even more convenient. AAA attendees who visited our stand were resoundingly impressed with the lightweight, durable design of the OAE device, how clearly the test results on the app are presented and how easy it is to pull reports.

Following an extensive period of investment over the past 5 years, our team is excited to launch this innovative product, which will make hearing testing possible in the places that need it most: newborn care, elderly care, and in other situations where non-responsive testing and early intervention is needed.

Based on the comprehensive market research we’ve conducted, these areas represent opportunities where hearX technology like hearOAE, can make a substantial impact, improving the reach and quality of hearing healthcare services.

Typical OAE device pricing starts at $3,500, however, continued research and innovation by our Audiologists and Product Engineers, enables us to provide hearOAE at an exclusive pre-order rate starting from $1,600 - a price point which further supports our mission of making affordable hearing care accessible to everyone. For now, hearOAE will be available in the USA and South Africa. Based on performance in these markets, we will gradually start preparing for launches in additional markets.

Experience NextGen OAE testing

We feel honored to have been part of this year’s AAA+hearTECH Expo and wish to thank each attendee who stopped by our stand to see hearOAE’s NextGen capabilities in action. We received an overwhelmingly positive response about the device and the app’s ease of use, its multi-functionality, and the fact that it is cloud-integrated. We have no doubt that this is only the start of much bigger things to come in the evolution of OAE testing.
- Nic Klopper, hearX CEO

Looking forward

With the launch of hearOAE, our team is poised to redefine OAE testing. In addition to enhancing our existing product suite, it also aligns perfectly with our global mission of early detection and timely intervention for hearing loss. The integration of hearOAE with mHealth Studio, distinctly positions hearX to meet modern healthcare demands, ensuring that our technology remains at the forefront of the digital health landscape.

Be the first to experience hearOAE

hearOAE is available for pre-order now starting from $1,600. Early adopters will secure exclusive savings and gain access to this groundbreaking technology. To pre-order hearOAE or request more information, visit our product page or contact our sales team via email at sales@hearxgroup.com.

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