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Vision tests on a

What is Peek Acuity

Peek Acuity offers a clinically-validated visual acuity test on a smartphone. Developed by Peek Vision the app calculates the visual acuity and presents it at the end of the test. Integrated with our mHealth Studio platform means seamless patient, facility and test data management and reporting features.
User-friendly interface
mHealth Studio App and Cloud platform for central data, patient and facility management
Validated against current visual acuity tests
Once installed, the app is available offline, enabling use in remote and unserved areas
Accurate testing at a fraction of the cost
Demonstrate to parents or teachers the degree of visual acuity impairment

Centralised Data Management

When acquiring Peek Vision you get a subscription to mHealth Studio for free.

mHealth Studio Cloud is our web application for online data management, surveillance, referrals and report generation. Secure interoperable data monitoring in real-time.