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What is heardigits?

A simple and affordable way to connect with people concerned about their hearing
An easy 3-minute hearing test using a web-browser and any pair of headphones
Clinically-valid test accurately identifies hearing loss

benefits of heardigits

Increase access to hearing healthcare
Provide more people opportunity to screen hearing for earlier intervention

Lead generator
Generate qualified leads from your own website

Pre-screening for potential hearing loss
View results online to prepare for consultation
How hearDigits works

How hearDigits works

At each step the test will play 3 digits with background noise
Enter the 3 numbers you hear and select next
Guess the number if you are uncertain

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Hearing test provided by hearX Group

Key features


Our digits-in-noise test is clinically-validated

easily embed into your website

Embed into an existing website. Conduct a hearing test anywhere, at any time - from a desktop computer or any smartphone using ordinary headphones

Easy to use

Adding the widget to a web page is a simple process. Works in a variety of sizes and layouts, on large screens and on mobile devices


Colour and font of web app customised on setup*
* Premium version only


Integrates with our cloud-based Leads portal for safe storage of patient information and tracking of referrals

Decision Support

Optional decision guide developed with Ida Institute to encourage help-seeking from users


Referral directly to hearing health provider through secure cloud-based Leads portal platform


Free to end customer

Now Available in the US*

*hearDigits is available in the U.S. and is referred to as a “web-based” hearing screening widget for your website available via hearScreen US

access referrals via cloud-based Leads portal

Test referrals generated by the hearDigits widget on your website is captured and stored on a cloud-based Leads portal

Leads offers you secure access to referrals generated from screenings via your hearDigits widget

Follow up and action referrals for better care and more conversions

Our Clients


  U.S. Shop
*hearDigits is available in the U.S. and is referred to as a "web-based" hearing screening widget for your website available via hearScreen USA

premium version

By selecting the hearDigits premium package, you gain exclusive features to improve lead generation through customisation
Determine whether you would like the hearDigits logo to appear on your widget and toggle between a light and a dark version of your widget.
Select whether you would like to make additional tools such as the IDA tool and/or referrals available from your widget.
Select between 6 different font types available for your hearDigits widget.
Customise your widget in terms of colour according to your practice’s look & feel.
Edit and change the text presented on several windows of your widget.
Select the images and icons custom to your preference to best suit your widget.