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hearX Group is excited to announce the release of the world's first otoscope with artificial intelligent (AI) image classification of ear diseases.

FINALLY IT IS HERE… hearX Group is excited to announce the release of the world’s first otoscope with artificial intelligent (AI) image classification of ear diseases.

Since the release of hearScope™ in 2017, we have been working hard at releasing an AI feature to classify ear disease based on eardrum images. Now, the free, beta-version of hearScope™ AI will be available from 9 March 2020.

The hearScope™ AI image classification feature enables health practitioners to receive instantaneous image classification results on images taken by hearScope™. Image classifications are enabled by an AI system that is trained on thousands of tympanic membrane images diagnosed by ENT specialists. The AI system included in the beta-version classifies an image with a confidence rating into one of the following classes: normal, wax obstruction, chronic perforation, or abnormal.

This advanced AI feature is in beta testing mode and can support clinicians in their classification of ear conditions. It is not currently intended to be used to diagnose a disease, nor does it replace the diagnosis of a health practitioner. The ear condition categories for the image classification are continually updated to classify more pathologies of the eardrum and to improve the confidence levels. Future updates of the beta-version will expand the supported range or condition categories.

hearScope™ is a world-first in intelligent and affordable access to advanced ear care using a smartphone-based tool. It can enable health practitioners across primary to tertiary levels to effectively diagnose patients to ensure the right treatments can be provided as soon as possible to avoid complications .

The following new features are included in the latest hearScope™ update:

  • Instantaneous image classification when capturing images for wax obstructions, chronic perforations, as well as normal ears.
  • Classification of any previous images in any session captured prior to the release of hearScope™ AI.
  • Adding a custom name for a session.
  • Capturing images, whilst recording a video.
  • Auto-crop and auto-zoom feature to remove specula edges when taking images. This can be enabled in the camera settings.
  • Image preview feature to review and edit the latest images or videos directly from the camera view.
  • Portrait view functionality for ease of use and only rotate the app to landscape if preferred.
  • An exciting new look and feel to refresh the user experience.

In order to get access to the hearScope™ AI image classification feature and the additional updated features, upgrade your current hearScope™ application in the Google Play store. Select ‘Upgrade’ in the application to register and register to enable the AI feature. The hearScope™ AI image classification feature will be free, while in beta testing phase.

For more information on hearScope™ please visit: www.hearxgroup.com/hearscope

We appreciate all client feedback. Please rate the app in the Google Play store or send any comments or suggestions to us at: info@hearxgroup.com.