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330 million people suffer from ear disease every year - most are children and unable to access accurate ear disease diagnosis for treatment. hearScope, a revolutionary mobile otoscope, significantly improves and alters access to preventative ear care.

hearScope is a revolution in ear and hearing health. A world-first smartphone otoscope with Artificial Intelligence that accurately addresses one of the most common global health concerns. hearScope not only makes ear examination simple and affordable, it also offers a world-first in-ear disease diagnosis using artificial intelligence.

To date hearX Group have sold more that 220 units of hearScope to the market including: GP’s, Audiologists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Acousticians, Health & Safety Practitioners, School Practitioners, ENT’s etc. Our first shipment of the hearScope have been shipped from South Africa – ushering in an exciting revolution in diagnostic hearing healthcare.

Key features of this pocket otoscope include:

  • hearScope is clinically-validated and displays a clear view for accurate ear disease diagnosis.
  • This smartphone otoscope shows 30 frames/sec video frame rate for real time viewing and video without delays.
  • A selection of multiple specula, to fit ears of all sizes, are included with hearScope.
  • hearScope allows you to view your hearScope images, saved in a secure cloud-based storage system.
  • This digital otoscope makes it easy to share your hearScope images with patients and colleagues.
  • This smartphone otoscope allows you to zoom like never before.
  • hearScope has a variable light source with light emitting diode (LED) bulbs.
  • hearScope is quick and easy to use.
  • This pocket otoscope improves access to preventative care and early detection for timely intervention.
  • A feature that will soon be added to the hearScope app is automated diagnosis: Users will still take an image or video using their hearScope. The recorded media is then attached to a record and uploaded into the mHealth Studio Cloud data management system. The hearScope app will then provide two options for image diagnosis: (1) Specialist diagnosis and (2) Diagnostic AI support. With specialist diagnosis the image taken with the hearScope is sent to an ear specialist partner for diagnosis and the user will be notified via their hearScope app and cloud account. With diagnostic AI support our AI system will classify the hearScope images into one of the 5 most common ear conditions with an accuracy that exceeds 80%. These 5 ear conditions include: normal, wax obstruction, otitis media with effusion, acute otitis media, and chronic suppurative otitis media. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can record images on a mobile phone using hearScope and upload it for automated diagnostic support.

hearScope is an affordable, user-friendly health care solution that anyone can use as an assistive tool in the diagnosis of ear disease. For more information on hearScope please visit: www.hearxgroup.com/hearScope/