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Boost your business with efficient boothless occupational audiometry

It is important to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Employees that are exposed to noisy environments are required to have a hearing test done at least once a year. In many labour intensive environments it is pivotal that these tests are accurate, yet do not take up too much time. The hearTest Occupational Health solution allows for fast, reliable, cost-effective, convenient and compliant workplace hearing tests.

At hearX® we strive to provide affordable, high quality hearing tech that can assist health and safety professionals to remain compliant to international standards and make day-to-day operations easier, more convenient and more cost effective. The hearTest Occupational Health solution does exactly that.

hearTest Occ Health is a tablet-based audiometric solution that simplifies patient counseling with automated audiogram threshold tracking and assessments at the click of a button, allowing for efficient screening and seamless reporting. It provides attenuation equivalent to a single-wall sound booth, that allows the freedom of portable, reliable, cost-effective and convenient hearing screenings for your business.

The hearTest Occ Health application offers the option to select standard testing protocols or set customised protocols according to specific needs. Testing is possible at frequencies between 0.125 and 8kHz. Environmental noise is monitored continuously during testing. False response counts and response times are considered and compared to normative data to ensure reliable test results.

The hearTest Occ Health solution can be combined with the hearScope digital otoscope for an all-in-one, end-to-end occupational audiometry solution. hearScope is used to examine the eardrum and ear canal with the option to receive an AI image classification feature*. The eardrum images can be attached to the test results and downloaded as part of the exportable patient report.

hearTest Occ Health was designed to add value to your business. The solution is convenient and time efficient by reducing testing time with optimised threshold tracking and allows on-screen signing by the patients. It includes a centralised cloud management platform where patient-, test- and facility data is stored, including otoscopy images. The pre-loading of patient data, with a self-test option allows for faster and efficient hearing screenings.


hearTest Occ Health can boost your business by allowing you to utilize a single device for all your occupational audiometry needs. It ensure that hearing healthcare is accessible anywhere, anytime.

* Please note that this is a free BETA version for research use only and is not intended to diagnose. Always seek medical attention from a healthcare professional when any symptoms are present.

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