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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla—(January 8, 2019) NationsHearing, LLC., a leader in the hearing healthcare industry, announced today it is debuting new hearing technology at CES—the world’s largest and most influential technology event where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

NationsHearing is focused on a technology-driven and outcomes-based hearing healthcare approach for consumers, patients, health plans, partners and providers across all channels. The company’s mission is to improve the overall health of people who have hearing loss. In order to accomplish this important mission, NationsHearing has partnered with hearX Group, a leader in disruptive mobile technologies in the detection and prevention of hearing loss.

Together, they are bringing to market state-of-the-art hearing devices and the latest technologies in tele-audiology services that make hearing life again quick, convenient, simple and affordable for millions of people who have hearing loss. Combining this with NationsHearing’s proprietary outcomes interventions has created an ecosystem resulting in a new dynamic in hearing healthcare.

Among the products NationsHearing will have on hand at CES are:

  • A full tele-audiology solution that allows for end-to-end remote hearing assessments through selecting and providing appropriate hearing aids. Remotely adjusted hearing aids are fully supported.

  • A full suite of hearing amplification devices that aid the entire spectrum of hearing loss, including next-generation, direct-to-consumer hearing aids (often referred to as “hearables” due to the convergence of traditional hearing aids with consumer product audio devices) through traditional hearing aids.

  • The world’s first smartphone-based otoscope that uses artificial intelligence to look for common diseases of the ear and offers clinically validated diagnostic support.

In addition to providing hearing aids from most of the major hearing aid manufacturers, NationsHearing is announcing that they are the exclusive provider of all products designed, developed and manufactured by Olive Union, a leader in next generation hearing aids and hearables that use smart sound algorithms and Bluetooth technology.

Retail and health plan representatives can experience a Digital Hearing Center in a sample store setting by taking a free hearing test at one of the designated touchscreen monitors and receiving personalized results via email in a matter of just minutes. In addition, CES attendees will be able to experience a demonstration of NationsHearing’s tele-audiology solution and other products.

Glenn M. Parker, M.D., Founder and CEO of NationsHearing, said, “We are the first company in the hearing industry to use products, services, technology, and interventions to improve health outcomes. This is an exciting time for NationsHearing as we’ve revolutionized the way people should think about hearing healthcare. We’re making available the latest hearing healthcare solutions in the U.S. and globally.”

Nic Klopper, CEO of hearX Group, said, “We are excited about the partnership with NationsHearing as both companies contribute complementary skills required to disrupt the current hearing healthcare service delivery model. Our industry-leading technologies, which include artificial intelligence, tele-audiology, and clinical and hearing screening tests, combined with the infrastructure of NationsHearing, will revolutionize the way in which people experience hearing healthcare services. We welcome you to the future of hearing healthcare.”

Owen Song, Founder and CEO of Olive Union, said, “We have always been looking for a group of people who share the same vision as we do, and we cannot express how excited we are to discover and work with NationsHearing. We truly believe NationsHearing will fully deliver the potential of next generation hearing aids and hearables as the exclusive provider of Olive Union in the U.S.”

NationsHearing is taking bold steps to shift the paradigm and drive the hearing industry in the U.S. by bringing together a team of visionaries from the three companies who collectively have more than a century of industry-defining experience deploying hearing products, services and solutions across the globe.

NationsHearing is proud to be a Gold sponsor of CES 2019 and will be on-site in CES Tech West, located at the Sands Expo and Convention Center at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas Resort, starting today. NationsHearing’s booth, #44607, is located on level 2 in Halls A-D in the Health and Wellness section of the exhibitor space. Colleagues are available between January 8-11 and are showcasing the aforementioned products to CES attendees.

About NationsHearing, LLC.
NationsHearing is a hearing healthcare company that provides a comprehensive and cost- effective hearing aid and hearing services solution. By focusing on a technology-driven, outcomes-based approach for patients, health plans, partners and providers, we aim to improve the overall health of customers using hearing aids. We save our customers thousands of dollars through strategic relationships with major hearing aid manufacturers, and we improve the experience for customers through an end-to-end centralized process that includes product comparison and appointment scheduling. We work with leading healthcare organizations of all types and provide customized solutions. To learn more, please visit www.nationshearing.com.

About hearX Group
The hearX Group is an innovative technology start-up with a mission to provide affordable access to hearing care using connected solutions that are available to everyone, from any location. The company believes in impact-driven innovation at an individual, community and global level by creating sustainable, smart solutions for healthy hearing. The hearX Group point-of-care mHealth solutions, used in more than 25 countries, provide clinical tests, integrated cloud-based data management, surveillance and referral systems that link patients to care. The company’s vision is healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere. For more information, visit www.hearxgroup.com.

About Olive Union
Olive Union was founded on three principles: make hearing aids affordable, remove social stigma, and improve quality of life through enhanced hearing. Founded in 2016, Olive Union is an organization that specializes in smart sound algorithms and Bluetooth earpiece technology. Headquartered in Seoul, the organization concentrates on hearing interactions and eventually changing the paradigm of hearing aids. To learn more, please visit www.oliveunion.com.

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